Credit Guarantee scheme



The Board of Trustees of Credit Guarantee Fund Trust for Small Industries, having decided to frame a Scheme for the purpose of providing guarantees to a substantial extent in respect of credit facilities to borrowers in Micro and Small Enterprises, hereby make the following Scheme:


  1. Guarantees by the Trust

(i.)            Subject to the other provisions of the Scheme, the Trust undertakes, in relation to credit facilities extended to an eligible borrower from time to time by an eligible institution which has entered into the necessary agreement for this purpose with the Trust, to provide a guarantee on account of the said credit facilities.

(ii.)            The Trust reserves the discretion to accept or reject any proposal referred by the lending institution which otherwise satisfies the norms of the Scheme.

  1. Credit facilities eligible under the Scheme:

The Trust shall cover credit facilities (Fund based and/or Non fund based) extended by Member Lending Institution(s) to a single eligible borrower in the Micro and Small Enterprises sector for credit facility (i) not exceeding Rs. 50 lakh (Regional Rural Banks/Financial Institutions) and (ii) not exceeding Rs.100 lakh (Scheduled Commercial Banks and select Financial Institutions) by way of term loan and/or working capital facilities on or after entering into an agreement with the Trust, without any collateral security and\or third party guarantees or such amount as may be decided by the Trust from time to time.

Provided that the lending institution applies for guarantee cover in respect of credit proposals sanctioned in the quarter April-June, July-September, October-December and January-March prior to expiry of the following quarter viz. July-September, October-December, January-March and April-June respectively

Provided further that, as on the material date

(i)            The dues to the lending institution have not become bad or doubtful of recovery; and / or

(ii)            The business or activity of the borrower for which the credit facility was granted has not ceased; and / or

(iii)            The credit facility has not wholly or partly been utilised for adjustment of any debts deemed bad or doubtful of recovery, without obtaining a prior consent in this regard from the Trust.

Credit facilities extended by more than one bank and/or financial institution  jointly and/or separately to eligible borrower upto a maximum upto Rs.100 lakh per borrower subject to ceiling amount of individual MLI or such amount as may be specified by the Trust.

Deputy Director

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