Six Sigma training @ Coimbatore

Training program for Officers of DC (MSME) on Six Sigma started from 19/10/2109 at Celebrity Resort, Coimbatore. Officers from all part of the country participated. The program is mainly for the capacity building of officers. Shri Paneer Selvam , Principal Director, PPDC, Agra inaugurated the program. The program coordinator Shri S.Sathesh Kumar also participated in the event. #ssatheshkumar #sixsigma

MSME observes Gandhi Jeyanthi Day

Visit to Langei Village at Manipur

Langei Village is a model village with nearly 500 plus acres land near Imphal. It owned by a Private owner. They provide job to the near by small villages youth in different sectors like Rural and Agro farm and Textiles. The village has several ponds to grow Fishes, similarly Poultry (country chicken), Egg hatching unit and Hand looms are available. The villagers can bring their child ,one kindergarten International school also there. They can leave their kids and do their work. It has conference hall, small restaurant etc. The food served was very good. It’s a Great Experience. MSME is helping to make them to form as a cluster and can provide CFC facility under MSE CDP program.

MSME DI, Imphal visit

IPR training officers visited DI, Imphal and had discussion with Shri Talilaungher Director I/C, Imphal. In his speech he told he developed nearly 6 Clusters in Manipur, Dimapur and Nagaland. Shri S.Sathesh kumar DD Coimbatore also explained the cluster activities in the Coimbatore region. The visit was very useful.

Interaction and Review meeting with COIR MSME units @Pollachi

Director , MSME DI Chennai shri KRK Prasad interacted with the coir MSME units on 12th July 2019. Coir manufacturers were presented their best practices and also minor issues pertaining to the sector. Shri S.Sathesh Kumar Dy. Director I/C and shri Vijya Kumar AD also present.

Deputy Director

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