Ingress Protection (IP) New Test EQUIPMENT First of its kind in south india @ MSME-DI, Coimbatore

Shri S.Sathesh kumar Dy.Director I/C Inaugurated new Test Equipment “Ingress Protection” (IP) first if its kind in South India at MSME-DI, Coimbatore ,Motor and Pump Testing laboratory. The test facility has testing at various chambers for Nozzle, Shower, Hot Air Flow and Dust at one Equipment totally computer controlled programmable one.Using this facily Latest Electronic, Electrical and other Engineering Equipment can be tested.

Products used indoors or outdoors are often tested against “ingress,” that is, the product’s resistance to water, dust and foreign objects. There are several reasons for ingress testing, including safety, functionality and product marketing.

Many products require insulation from outside elements in order to function properly. Those outside elements include mist, steam, sprayed water, sand, oil and even fingers, just to name a few. Ingress protection testing helps determine whether a particular product is going to function appropriately when placed in the field.

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