Shri Sudhir Garg, Joint Secretary (MSME) visit to Coimbatore

Itinerary  of Shri Sudhir Garg ,Joint Secretary ,

Ministry of MSME to his visit to Coimbatore and Back

Date Time  Description
10/01/2019 10.10pm Arrival of JS, Ministry of MSME at Coimbatore Airport
10/01/2019 10.45pm Le-Merdien , Coimbatore
Stay at Hotel
11/01/2019 9.30am Leaves Hotel
11/01/2019 10am Meeting in CODISSIA with Industrial association
11/01/2019 11.30am Visit to COWMA, Cluster under MSE-CDP
11/01/2019 1pm Lunch
11/01/2019 2pm to 3.30pm Visit to MSME-DI (Br.), Coimbatore and NSIC, Coimbatore
11/01/2019 4pm Amrita college Program
11/01/2019 7pm Return to Hotel
Stay at Hotel
12/01/2019 9.30am Leaves hotel
12/01/2019 10am SAMEEEKSHA meeting at Hotel Residency
12/01/2109 1pm Lunch
12/01/2019 2pm Industrial visit
12/01/2019 5pm Leaves Hotel
12/01/2019 7pm Leaves Coimbatore by Indigo 6E 396

Co-ordination : Br.MSME-DI, Coimbatore &  NSIC Coimbatore

Shri Sudhir Garg Joint Secretary to MSME Ministry visited Coimbatore. He discussed with CODISSIA members, visited Lean cluster unit Sri Ram Karthik polymers. Visited Amrita College on the first day. In second day attended meeting of SAMEEKSHA and visited some foundry units also. JS visited MSME-DI(Br.) office coimbatore and NSIC Coimbatore office. Director Shri KRK Prasad and Deputy Director Shri S.Sathesh Kumar were present.

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