South India Native Poultry cluster (P) Ltd – DSR Validation @ Pongalur, Tirupur Dist.

The Cluster Development Coordination Committee (CDCC) meeting on the validation of Diagnostic Study Report of Tiruppur Dist. Poultry Cluster held 04-08-2018 at Aatha Mess, 1/97, Mookambigai Nagar, Trichy Road, Pongalur – 641 667, Tiruppur District between 11.00 am to 12.30 noon. All the stakeholders and Cluster Development Coordination Committee Members were present.

 The following CDCC Members were present:

  1. Shri. S.Sathesh Kumar, Dy. Director, MSME DI, Coimbatore.
  2. Shri. Saravanabava, Branch Manager, TANSIDCO, Coimbatore.
  3. Smt. Pavithra, Asst. Engineer, DIC, Tiruppur.
  4. Shri. Jagadesh, Asst. Manager, SIDBI, Tiruppur. , Shri. Satheesh Kumar, Dy. Director, MSME DI, Coimbatore explained the cooperative between the Poultry Cluster MSEs affirmative outlook and about the constantly changing market poses new challenges in the Poultry enterprises, and the Buyers’ demands are also con­tinually rising, and so it is necessary every now and then to offer them with higher added value Laboratory for Poultry Feeds Assessment and Epidemiology, Modern Feed Mill, Incubator Facility and Poultry Marketing and Training Facility will facilitate and compassionate the Cluster Poultry products. This added value is a properly planned such way in strategizing brand, the so-called branding like Larger Poultry Firms in the Cluster. Firms without any distinct features, without a clear vision or specific mission, or without permanent values, will sink in the mass hitting market so he counsel the Cluster MSEs to make employ of these proposed facilities in the Common Facility Centre appropriately and punctually to produce Organic Eggsand Meats to congregate out the necessities of National and Global markets more than ever Middle East and Europe.Thus it is necessary to launch actions not only directed to distinguish a given brand from the competitors, but also to build a set of values and modes allow­ing the proposed facility to communicate with the market in a manner which would be easily recognizable and which would stimulate positive associations and strong reactions by responsibility and by establishing Soft / Hard Interventions. He also mentioned about that this facility will enhance the employment opportunities and improve the skills level of Poultry Cluster in terms of productivity with enhanced quality and further he added the Cluster firms technicians and executives should participate Marketing and Training programmes promoting Soft/Hard interventions related workers training, skills, conducting awareness programs etc.  Further he assured that MSME DI, Coimbatore will possibly help this project for speedy completion.

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One thought on “South India Native Poultry cluster (P) Ltd – DSR Validation @ Pongalur, Tirupur Dist.”

  1. Sir my name is kavikumar iam interested to start poultry firm iam studying final year my father is a business man (D.S Balaji enterprises) how to get a loan for MSME?


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