DSR, DPR Validation of Flexography Textile Priniting solutions pvt Ltd, Tirupur

The common facility centre request from M/s Flexography Textile printing solutions pvt ltd, Tirupur with 24 members approched SIDCO, DIC and MSME-DI,(Br.), Coimbatore. The DSR and DPR validation was conducted on 10th july 2018.

.  The following members participated in the DSR validation meeting.

  1. Saravanabava, Branch Manager, TANSIDCO, Coimbatore District
  2. S.Sathesh Kumar, Deputy Director, MSME-Development Institute, Coimbatore
  3. P. Thirumurugan, Project Manager, District Industries Centre, Tirupur
  4. T.T. DevilalRaja, Manager, Karur Vaisya Bank, Tirupur
  5. Periyasamy, Assistant Professor, SSM College of Engineering, Kumarapalayam
  6. Ragothaman, Director, SPV
  7. G.Rajendran,Director,SPV

The meeting was also attended by 24  Cluster Members.

Mr. S.Sathesh Kumar, Deputy Director, MSME-DI, Coimbatore advised the SPV members to identify the right machinery for the cluster.  He asked whether the machineries would be imported one or indigenous.  The SPV members informed that Digital and Sublimation printing machines would be imported through their dealers in India. Shri S.Sathesh Kumar also insisted the SPV members that out of 616 total msme units only 24 msme units are getting benefit and advised the SPV members  to add more msme units in the CFC cluster so that the benefit would be reaped by more number of msme units.

Mr. S.Sathesh Kumar, Deputy Director, MSME-DI, Coimbatore asked  the SPV members  about construction of the Effluent treatment plant in the leased land, and whether the owner of the land has no objection in this regard, Any written statement have been obtained from the land owner in agreeing of the same.  Mr. Marimuthu, Director, SPV informed that as land cost is high in that area, they are going for a leased land.  He also informed that they have already had talks with the lessor that in future they may be ready to buy the same property .

Mr. S.Sathesh Kumar further asked whether the quotations that were annexed with report has been finalized after considering quotes from various machineries suppliers.  He further asked whether the machineries would be imported or indigenous.  Mr. Rajendran, SPV member informed that Digital and Sublimation Printing machines would be imported machines and they would be imported through Indian dealers (commercial invoice in INR by Dealer) for the same as they would provide maintenance services at any time in the future.  The other machineries would be indigenous.  He also informed the quotations were finalized after getting quotations from three or four machinery suppliers.

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