To create awareness about Entreprenuership , MSME-DI, Br, Coimbatore has organised one day program to motive the educated unemployed youth to start their own venture.The program was conducted at Panchayat office building, Pattadam on 11/07/2016. 92 participant attended out of which 56 are women and 14 are from SC/ST.

I am happy to write that the Palladam Block development Officer has provided a Hall for organising the meeting. Myself, BDO Smt Chandrika

 Sucessful Entreprenuer Smt Maheswari and Training and motivational Expert shri Murali participated in the event and dissiminate the information to the partipants.

START UP INDIA – Government of India Intiative

startupStand-Up India Scheme Facilitates bank loans between 10 lakh and 1 Crore to at least one Scheduled Caste (SC) or Scheduled Tribe (ST) borrower and at least one woman borrower per bank branch for setting up a greenfield enterprise. This enterprise may be in manufacturing, services or the trading sector. In case of non-individual enterprises at least 51% of the shareholding and controlling stake should be held by either an SC/ST or woman entrepreneur.

Steps for availing Stand-Up India Scheme

  • This portal provides information to a potential borrower on various kinds of handholding support from different agencies and also provides a window to get in touch with Banks for availing loans
  • The Applicant first clicks to ‘Register’ and answers to a few short questions on the Registration Page of the portal.
  • Based on the response, the Applicant would be classified as a Trainee Borrower or Ready Borrower. Applicant would also be given feedback on his/her eligibility for Stand-Up India loan.
  • A trainee borrower / ready borrower may then choose to Register and Login through the portal.
  • Upon logging in to the portal, the borrower is taken to a Dashboard where Applicant is shown Lead District Managers (LDMs) and Stand-Up India Connect Centres to help him/her.
  • Borrower may choose to seek suitable hand-holding support and depending on the type of support needed, coordinate with the Help Centres.
  • Steps to seek hand-holding support :
    • Search for Help Centres (SUHCs) based on State and District (location) chosen during Registration.
    • Select hand-holding agencies
    • Send request through the portal or contact the SUHCs directly using details provided.
    • Applicant may also choose to contact the SUCCs/LDMs, to follow-up on his/her request.
    • Payments (if any) for all services availed by the Applicant from Stand-Up India Help Centers (SUHCs) is to be made directly to the agency concerned.
    • Applicant may change any chosen handholding agency, if required, after giving feedback on reasons for change.
    • Applicant may report completion of service and provide feedback.
    • Facility of uploading various documents like KYC documents, detailed project report etc. are available through the portal which would help the banks in appraisal of the proposal in accordance with their norms.
    • Choose banks to apply for the loan (option to choose upto 3 banks in order of preference is provided)
    • Application number is generated and intimated to the Applicant. The application is made available on the portal and the bank preferred as 1st choice is intimated as the applied Bank. The 2nd and 3rd choices of banks are also informed.
    • The information regarding loan application is also forwarded to the linked SUCCs and LDMs.
    • All banks participating in the portal can select the application for processing and feedback on these actions would be available to the Applicant and also to the linked SUCCs and LDMs. The feedback would contain the following information:
      • Bank and Branch name and status with date of the following:
        • Picked up for Processing
        • Sanctioned
        • Regretted
        • Disbursed
    • Loan may be sanctioned only if it conforms to the bank norms.
    • The Applicant may follow-up with the bank chosen directly and may also be required to submit additional information / documents directly as required by the bank.
    • The Applicant may also follow-up regarding the application through the SUCCs and LDMs.
    • The SUCCs / LDMs may also monitor the applications and follow-up with the banks.

Marketing Assistance scheme (New) Ministry of MSME, GOI

Revised Guidelines for Marketing Assistance & Technology Up-gradation (MATU)Scheme


Marketing, a strategic tool for business development, is critical for the growth and survival of MSMEs. Due to the lack of information, scarcity of resources and unorganized ways of selling / marketing, MSME sector often faces problems in exploring new markets and retaining existing ones. Such asymmetries in information, being not aware of the new market where they may sell their products and buyer also having lack of knowledge about the products manufactured by MSMEs result in severe impediments to the growth and survival of MSMEs in a highly competitive environment. MSMEs do not have sufficient resources at their command and, therefore, need institutional support for marketing their products at national and international level.

  1. Objective of the scheme:

The Marketing Development Assistance Scheme would cover the following activities:

(i) To encourage manufacturing Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) in their efforts of tapping and developing domestic / overseas markets.

(ii) To encourage Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) for adoption of bar coding on products for increase in marketability of products in National/International market.

(iii) To facilitate marketing linkages especially in the view of Public Procurement Policyfor MSEs Order 2012.

(iv) To create consciousness and to educate the MSMEs about importance of packaging in marketing, latest packaging technology, import – export policy and procedure, latest development in international trade etc. by organising International & National Workshop/ Seminar on marketing /packaging/topics relevant to MSME sector.

  1. Eligibility criteria:

The applicant Micro/Small Enterprise should suitably be registered through EM part 11/Udyog Aadhaar Memorandum (UAM)for availing financial benefits.

  1. Components of the Scheme:

The following will be components in scheme:

  1. Domestic Fairs / Exhibitions ii. International Trade Fairs / Exhibitions iii. International/National Workshop on Marketing/Public Procurement! Packaging etc.
  2. Vendor Development Programmes. v. Reimbursement on obtaining Bar code.

4 (i) Domestic Fairs / Exhibitions:

4 (i) (a) Objective: To encourage manufacturing Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) in their efforts of tapping and developing domestic markets.

4 (i) (b) Implementing Agency: MSME Development Institutes.

4 (i) (c) Selection of Domestic Trade Fair/Exhibition: The committee comprising of the following at MSME-DI level will select Domestic Trade Fair/Exhibition,

  1. Director MSME-DI Chairman 2. General Manager, local District Industries Member Centre or his representative 3. Representative Industry Association* Member

*Industry Association may be different for different Fairs/Exhibitions depending upon the theme/product vertical of the Fair/Exhibition.

The list of Domestic Fairs/Exhibitions selected by the above committee, will be sent by MSME-Dls to Office of DC (MSME) for final approval.

4 (i) (d) Selection of MSEs for Domestic Fairs/Exhibitions: The selection of units would be done by the concerned MSME-Dls as per theme of the fair and usefulness to MSE sector on the recommendation of Fair/Exhibition Selection Committee.

An MSME-DI can recommend maximum of 10 (ten) Micro/Small entrepreneurs to participate in an approved fair/exhibition.

The offer for participation will be available on first come first served basis.

As there could be participation of MSEs through more than one MSME-DI in a Trade Fair/Exhibition, the final approval of participation of MSEs will be given by % DC-MSME and maximum no. of participation of MSEs will be decided depending upon the size and usefulness of event to MSE sector.

4 (i) (e) Financial Assistance to MSEs: The eligible items and scale of assistance for the participation would be as under:

s.ue. Eligible items Scale of assistance 1. Space Rent 80% of space rent paid for General category units charges and 100% for SC/ST/women/NER/PH units limited to Rs.20,000/- or actual whichever is less. The space rent will subject to maximum booth/stall size of 6 Sq. Mtrs. or minimum booth/stall size

provided by the fair organiser.

(In case of technology trade fair/exhibition, maximum limit of space rent charges will be Rs.50,000/- in place of Rs.20,000/-) 2. Contingency 100% of Contingency expenditure for all expenditure categories of units subject to .maximum (include Rs.10,000/- or actual, whichever is less (travel travel, expenditure for one representative from each publicity and participating unit). freight).

The entrepreneur would be allowed reimbursement under the scheme for maximum of 2 (two) events in a year.

The quantum of financial assistance will be restricted to maximum Rs.10.00 lakh per event.

Recommended MSEs after participation in trade fair/exhibition should submit their reimbursement claim on line ( or system in place) only in prescribed format within two month from the completion date of fair/exhibition, failing which it may be presumed that unit is not interested in the reimbursement.

4 (i) (f) Provision for MSME-Development Institutes: If found relevant MSME-Dls may take stall, in an exhibition/trade fair for propagating the schemes of the Ministry and its activities. Up to Rs.25,OOO/-may be claimed by Director, MSME-OI towards stall charges and TAiDA of the officer as per admissible rules. MSME-Dls have to take prior approval of 0/0 DC-MSME for the participation in the Trade Fair/Exhibition.


4 (ii) International Trade Fairs I Exhibitions:

4 (ii) (a) Objective: To encourage manufacturing Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) in their efforts of tapping and developing overseas markets.

4 (ii) (b) Implementing Agency: MSME-Development Institutes

4 (ii) (c) Selection of International Trade Fair/Exhibition: International Trade Fairs/Exhibitions will be finalised by Office of DC (MSME) as per prevailing practices and made available on web portal as master list.

In case, chosen fair is not available in master list on web portal, a request for inclusion of Fair/Exhibition may be submitted by MSME-Dls with recommendation from Fair/Exhibition Selection Committee to Office of DC (MSME) with proper justification to include the fair of entrepreneurs’ choice, well in advance for consideration of competent authority. Such request should be for the participation at least 10 (ten) MSEs in the event.

4 (ii) (d) Selection of MSEs for International Fairs/Exhibitions: An MSE may apply online/ in prescribed application format ( or system in place) well in advance, at least two months for participation in the events of master list.

The offer for participation will be available on first come first served basis.

For the participation in international trade fairs/exhibitions, quality of products has considerable importance. As such, it is preferable that participating units should have ISO 9000/14000 certification.

Each MSME-OI will constitute a committee of three members comprising Director, MSME- 01 as the chairman and members would be representative from fair product specific association and GM or nominee form local DIC which will scrutinize and recommend the participation of MSEs in fairs/exhibitions.

Finally the participation of MSEs will be approved by Office of DC (MSME) and approved MSEs will be eligible for participation to avail the benefits under the scheme.

4 (ii) (e) Financial Assistance to MSEs:

The eligible items for such participation and scale of assistance would be as under:

SI,No. Eligible Scale of assistance items Space rent 80% of the space rent for General Category units 1. whereas 100% for SC/STlVVomen/NER units subject to maximum RS.1.00 lakh or actual rent paid, whichever is less. The space rent will subject to maximum booth/stall size of 6 Sq. Mtrs. or minimum booth/stall size provided by concerned Indian trade bodies(e.g. ITPO, FIEO etc.) or the Fair Organiser. 2. Air fare 100% of the economy class air fare for all categories of units subject to maximum RS.1.25 lakh or actual air fare paid, whichever is less (for one representative from each participating enterprise) .

Micro & Small entrepreneurs are permitted for availing the benefit under the scheme for participation in International Trade fairs/exhibitions and reimbursement of their claims only once in a financial year, irrespective of number of units they own. Also, a person cannot represent more than one MSE in a financial year.

The quantum of financial assistance will be restricted to maximum Rs 25 lakh per event. In case, budgetary support for an event exceeds Rs. 25 lakh, the approval of competent authority would be required.

Assistance shall be available for travel by one permanent employee/director/partner/proprietor of the participating unit.

Recommended MSEs after participation in trade fair should submit their reimbursement claim, on line (or system in place) within two months in prescribed format from the completion of date of fair failing which it may be presumed that unit is not interested in the reimbursement.

Concerned Indian trade bodies will arrange for the invitation letter from the fair organizer to facilitate obtaining of visa by the representatives of the participating MSEs in the related fair. However, issuance of visa to the unit is the sole discretion of the concerned embassy in India.

The charges of booking space will be paid by entrepreneur to the Indian trade bodies directly and claim the admissible amount at the time of final bill settlement through on line.

The unit will upload relevant documents on line when applying for claim ofsubsidy.

4 (ii) (f) Provision for participation of Officials: For participation of more than 10 MSEs, one officer either from % DC(MSME) or MSMEDis or State Government/ State owned corporations/bodies may be nominated by AS & DC (MSME) in the fair/exhibition to manage the sponsored MSE participants.

For participation of officials from State Government/ State owned corporations/bodies there should be a minimum participation of 6 MSEs from that State (3 in case of NER).

The expenditure would be admissible as per entitlement and extant rules. The officer may draw duty allowance advance directly either from Office of DC (MSME) or from the concerned Embassy as applicable.

4 (iii) International/National Workshops/Seminars on Procurement/Packaging etc.:


4 (iii) (a) Objective: International/National Workshops/Seminars on Marketing/Packaging will be organised for promotion of new marketing techniques, emerging global marketing/product innovation trends in various product and services verticals, development in packaging, reviewing public procurements with Central Ministries/Departments/Central Public Sector Undertakings(CPSUs) under Public Procurement Policy for MSEs Order 2012 and topics relevant to MSME sector.

4 (iii) (b)lmplementing Agency: MSME-Development Institutes or any other agency approved by % DC-MSME depending upon the need of the event.

4 (iii) (c) Financial Assistance: The quantum of assistance would be as under:

S.No. Item Scale of assistance National Rs. 2.5 Lakh per workshop/seminar anywhere in 1. workshop/ the country (or actual whichever is lower). seminar 2. International Rs. 2.5 Lakh per workshop/seminar anywhere in workshop/ the country with an additional cost of Rs. 2.5 Lakh Seminar (maximum) towards cost of air travel, boarding & lodging etc. for international experts (or actual whichever is lower) subject to condition that international workshop/seminar should not be held in any five star hotel.

4 (iv) Vendor Development Programmes:

4 (iv) (a) Objective: A Vendor Development Programme provides a common platform for buyer and sellers including displaying the products and service of MSMEs and requirements of Large Scale buyer organisations. The significance of Vendor Development Programmes has increased manifold in view of the Public Procurement Policy for MSEs Order 2012.

4 (iv) (b) Implementing Agency: Vendor Development Programmes will be organised by MSME-Development Institutes.

4 (iv) (c) Financial Assistance:

  1. State level Vendor Development Programme:. These programmes will primarily focus Vendor-Vendee match making between MSMEs and CPSUs located in the State & other procuring agencies. The discussion on Public Procurement Policy for MSEs Order-2012 will also part of these programmes.

The duration of these programmes will be one day.

The funds for organizing these programme will be Rs. 30,000/- per programme.

  1. National Level Vendor Development Programme: These programmes will focus on organizing Industrial Exhibition cum BuyerSeller Meet with an objective of providing opportunity for MSME to display their products and competencies where as Large buyer to display their product/services requirements. The participants will be nationwide.

The workshop on Public Procurement Policy for MSEs Order 2012, will be the part of the programme. Seminar/discussion/workshop on various schemes for MSME Sector would also be the part of the programme.

The duration of programme will be 2-3 days.


Funds for organizing these programmes and recovery will be based on following:

“A” Class Cities All Other Cities NE States/J &KI Himachal Pradesh

Max Minimum Max Minimum Max Minimum Sanction Recovery Sanction Recovery Sanction Recovery per per per programme programme programme RS.8.00 60 % RS.6.00 50 % RS.5.00 20% Lakh Lakh Lakh

MSMEs would be allowed to participate in these programmes convergence with PSUs/State Governments etc.

4 (v) Reimbursement on obtaining Bar code:

4 (v) (a) Objective: To provide financial assistance to Micro & Small enterprises (MSEs) enhance their marketing competitiveness by obtaining Bar code registration of GS-1.

4 (v) (b) Implementing Agency: MSME-Development Institutes.

4 (v) (c) Financial Assistance to MSEs: Providing 75% of one time reqistration fee and Annual recurring fee (for first three years) paid by MSEs to GS1 India. The claim may be submitted in prescribed format ( or system in place).

4 (v) (d) How to get Registration for use of .Bar Codes: GS1 India, formerly EAN India, an autonomous body under Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India, is authorized for granting registration for use of Bar Codes. Other details on Bar Code are available on their website: MSEs may approach the GS1, India for getting registration for use of Bar Codes.


APPLICATION FORM (For participation of Manufacturing M5Es in under Domestic or International Trade Fairs I Exhibitions)

51.No. Items

  1. Name of fair, duration, venue, whether Domestic or International
  2. Name of Concerned M5ME – 01
  3. Name of M5E unit 4. Name of Proprietor I Partner with contact Number
  4. Address of th’e Unit (Telephone No.1 Mobile no. of contact person of the unit, e-mail etc.) 6. EM Part II I Udyog Aadhaar Number

( Attach the copy)

  1. Type of Unit ( Whether Micro I Small) 8. Details of Exhibits 9. Category of the unit (Women I 5C/5T/NERI PH)
  2. Area to be booked in sq. mtrs.l Rate 11. Whether space rent paid (Yes I No)

( if paid, attach copy of voucher» 12. To whom space rent paid (ITPO /EEPC Indial FIEO I Others)

  1. Name of persons representing the unit Name: in the fair with passport details Passport No.: (Maximum two representatives) Date of Issue: (Attach Passport copy) Date of Expiry: Applicable only in case of International Trade fairs Place of issue:

( supported with relevant passport copy)

  1. Whether the representatives are entrepreneurs or permanent employees of the unit” . . .. . .. ·MSEs are permitted for availing the benefit under the scheme for participation In International Trade fairs/exhibitions and reimbursement of their claims only once in a financial year, irrespective of number of units they own. Also, a person cannot represent more than one MSE in a financial year.


I hereby declare that the above information is true and correct in all respects.

(Signature of authorised signatory)

Name & designation

(Stamp of unit)

Recommended for consideration of Office of DC (MSME).

Director, MSME 01

Name of the MATU component (please tick the appropriate box ): 1. Domestic Trade Fairs/Exhibitions D 2. International Trade Fairs/Exhibitions D 3. BarCode D DETAilS OFPARTICIPANTUNIT l. Nameof the Applicant Unit

  1. Complete address, phone, FAX,E-mail including name of the proprietor/partner
  2. EM part-ll / UdyogAadhaar Memorandum Number
  3. Category of the entrepreneur (General/Women/SC/ST/NER/PH)
  4. Type of the unit (micro/small)
  5. Category of the Unit (Manufacturing / service)
  6. Products manufactured/ Servicerendered
  7. Nameof event participated, venue, duration (in caseof domestic/international trade fairs)
  8. Feedback about the event attended [about 200 words on unit’s letterhead along with photographs] (in caseof domestic/international trade fairs/exhibitions)

DETAilS OFCLAIMS (Rs.) Name of Items No of Actual Amount scheme persons/stall expen admissible’ size/ diture as per (whichever scheme applicable) guidelines 1. Domestic Contingency expenditure (including travel, Trade publicity & freight) Fairs/ SpaceRent (stall rent) [Maximum booth/stall Exhibitions sizeof 6 sq. mtr. or minimum booth/stall size by fair organiser] 2. Inti Trade Air fare Fairs! Space Rent (stall rent) [Maximum booth/stall Exhibitions size of 6 sq. mtr. or minimum booth/stall size by fair organiser] 3. BarCode OneTime Registration Fee Annual Recurring Feefrom ………to ………. Total:


DECLARATION I hereby certify that the above information iscorrect and is basedon the actual expenditure incurred. (i) It is also certified that the unit has not claimed/applied for financial assistance from any other Ministry/ Department of the Government of India or any other State Government or any Government Institute/Agency for the above mentioned component of MATU. (ii) It is also certified that the air ticket was purchased at the cheapest available economy rates (in case of International Trade Fairs/Exhibitions),

Date: Place:

Signature of the Authorised Signatory Name: Designation: (Sealof the Applicant Organisation)

Documents to be enclosed with the claim form:

(A) Domestic Fairs/ Exhibitions

(il Proof of entrepreneur as women!SC/ST / PH (to be retained at MSME-DI) (ii) Mandate Form verified by concerned Bank (to be retained at MSME-DI) (iii) Pre-receipt (as per Annexure) (to be retained at MSME-DI) (iv) EM part-Il or Udyog Aadhaar Memorandum Acknowledgement (v) Copy of expenditure on travel/publicity/freight charges (vi) Invoice / Bills for space rent

(B) International Trade Fairs I Exhibitions

(i) Proof of entrepreneur asWomen/SC/ST(to be retained at MSME-DI) (ii) Mandate Form verified by concerned Bank(to be retained at MSME-DI) (iii) Pre-receipt (as per Annexure) (to be retained at MSME-DI) (iv) EM part-II or Udyog Aadhaar Memorandum Acknowledgement (v) Copy of air ticket and Boarding Pass (vi) Invoice / Bills for spacerent

(c) Bar Code The claim form to be submitted at MSME – Dis after getting Bar Code Licence with following documents (i) Mandate Form verified by the concerned Bank (ii) Pre-receipt (as per Annexure) (iii) EM part-It or UdyogAadhaar Memorandum Acknowledgement (iv) Copyof cash receipt paid to GS1India

(v) Copyof Licencereceived from GS11ndiafor useof BarCode.

—– ———————————

. • Annexure



Received a sum of Rs. (Rupees _

Only) from Office of Development Commission (MSMEL

Ministry of MSME on account of financial assistanceunder component “International/Domestic Trade

Fairsor BarCode(whichever applicable) under Marketing Assistance& Technology Up-gradation (MATU)

schemeof Office of Development Commissioner (MSME).


Signature of authorised signatory

(Name & designation)

(stamp of the unit)

(Note: To be submitted in triplicate)